Pairings for Round 5

(21 teams)

Government Opposition Judge Room
Achievement Gap Man Ray and the Dirty Bubble Elizabeth Phelan
Max Kornfeld
All You Had To Do Was Debate
Buckeye Babes @ Dennis Su
Lamisa Khan
I Forgot You Tightcalled
Foot Fungus The Small Long Vighnesh Mehrotra
Are You Ready For POCs
HowToHighSpeedRAIL your Dragon Georgetown/Tufts GN Cece Szkutak
Yavuz Kaklikkaya
You Debate With Me
PetrPiprPickdAPeckOPickldPeprs wuskies: the comeback Conor Bifulco
Katrina Hotaling
How You Get The GA Girl
Princeton FG Yale HM Irene Zhen
Love An APDA Man
Ribs by Lorde Justice for Reputation Matthew Wilson
Nathaniel Moura
New Years Resolution
SAS DS Amherst Spiritually Southern Emily Woodruff
Isabella Franklin
The 1
The Bens Harold and Kumar Ravi Simon
Udheesh Gaddipati
Only The Finance Cases
Yale Diplomacy W&M Give the MG the 1 Claire Fennell
Max F. Neuman
You Are In Love With Debate